Wonho is Back Like He Never Left! M/V Teaser Inside!

Since his departure from MONSTA X in October 2019, Wonho is back with his solo debut, and it’s one not to be missed.

With such an unusual situation at hand, this is a new generation of K-Pop idol that has exceeded the usual Korean societal values, and norms; and has beat the system.

With the support of his fans and undoubtedly Starship Entertainment, Wonho was cleared of all charges in April of this year.

The circumstances surrounding his departure from MONSTA X were of course unpleasant, unjust, and character defaming. This is someone’s career and livelihood that was messed around with, for the sake of the accusers’ 5 minutes of fame.

As I write this, one of the perpetrators has currently been released (from a separate drug charge) and will not serve a sentence.

I will not name them, but we all know who I’m referring to.

Her drug test results were reported by Yonhap News, earlier today.

Urine test positive, hair test negative.

Typical Chaebol privilege – but we move!


Wonho is proof that times are changing and that the old set in stone ways can in fact be manoeuvered and coerced.

Fan culture in 2020 is a machine within its own right, and there was no way that Monbebe and now Wenee, were going to take this lying down.

Entertainment companies now succumb to the fans, and they tend to not have a choice.

Wonho’s 1st Mini album “Love Synonym” will be released on the 4th of September, with a pre-released single coming on the 14th of August!


Watch the music video teaser for “Losing You” below!

My guess is that this pre-release song is about Wonho speaking about leaving his group, then to have people resent him. Therefore his fans leaving him, perhaps?


What did you make of the video teaser?

Photo Credit: Highline Entertainment

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