Women’s Fashion: What’s Hot This Autumn?

Girlies! The weather is getting a bit nippy! But we still need to kill it, whilst staying warm and comfortable, of course!


Both horizontal and verticals stripes are in this season! Depending on your mood, go for chunky stripes for a more casual look. Dressing to impress? Choose thin stripes for a more mature and classy look!

Oversized Cardigans and Sweaters/Jumpers

These can be worn with absolutely anything, and are great as the temperature is temperamental at the moment! Too chilly to leave the house without a coat, but not cold enough to wear one! These are perfect for the current weather!I like the over sized cardigans the most, as you can pull off a smart casual look, when needed!

Trench Coats and Light Over Coats

You can layer up underneath these! They’re great especially if you don’t want to ruin our outfit with a big, bulky coat/jacket. Why not compliment it with ones of these instead?And the good thing about them, is that they’re light-weight, and can be easily stored away in your bag or back pack!

Eyes and Lips

‘Play Color Eyes’ “Wine Party.”

I’m not really an eyeshadow fan, as I can’t apply it well on myself! But I like it on other people. These colours scream ‘Autumn’ (or ‘Fall’ for my American peeps); and even I want to try them out! I think these would give your eyes a nice pop, and would give you that special something; especially with a simple outfit!

‘Ink Airy Velvet’ Lip Stain

Just because summer’s over, it doesn’t mean that all those bright colours should disappear!Matched with the perfect shade of eyeshadow, or even by itself! You can create the classic gradient lip, or go all out with a full block colour.This lip stain is very light, and keeps your lips moisturised at the same time. Absolutely perfect for the change of weather!

All items can be found on YesStyle

What are your favourite pieces, or must have items for Autumn/Fall?

Photo Credit: YesStyle

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