Men’s Fashion: What’s Hot This Autumn?

The temperature is slowly dropping, but we all still want to stay fashionable and warm, right? Whether you want to start the new academic year with a fashion statement, or you just want to be in the loop; here’s what’s popular in Korean men’s fashion!

Bomber Jackets

The classic bomber can be dressed in multiple ways, depending on how you feel. Or depending on the temperature that day!

We often don’t know how to dress these days, as the mornings can be cold, and suddenly the sun is shining! Wear it by itself for a more authentic look; or double up with a hoodie underneath, and feel extra toasty!


Bucket Hats

These are very popular amongst idols at the moment.


If you want a quick and simple addition to your outfit, then why not throw in a plain and classic one?

Or maybe loud, and forthright is more your style? Block letters and bold prints will bring your look together.

So one question. Short bucket, or long?


Short Baseball caps

It seems that snapbacks are no more! Do people still wear them? I seem to see guys sporting neat, and fitted short caps a lot more these days, actually. Rather than trying to find your head size, these are a lot more convenient; as the adjustable strap does wonders. These look clean, and very tidy indeed!



Fabric, denim or faux leather/plastic. Easy to put on when you’re in a hurry, and always in style!

With an array of patterns and designs, you can finalise your garments and accessories with simplicity.

What are your favourite pieces and/or accessories at the moment?

What’s your one must have for this season?

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