Weekly Idol: Donnie and Defconn’s Final Episode Features Insensitive Comments About War-Torn Countries

The ever-popular idol variety show “Weekly Idol 주간아이돌 ” said goodbye to their longtime hosts/MCs Donnie and Defconn this week, after 7 years. This should have been a nice “end of an era”, which it was. However, their final show that featured MONSTA X 몬스타엑스,  started off rather distastefully…I rarely watch Weekly Idol, unless a group I listen to is a guest star. Literally less than 3 minutes into the show Defconn and Donnie relayed an insensitive joke, that they just wouldn’t quit.

So here’s how it ran:

The MCs stated that MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 hadn’t been on the show for a year, to which they replied that they were on their first world tour. They (the MCs) asked where they visited during the tour, and they started to name countries and continents, in which MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 said no they hadn’t visited them. This included:

Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

The opening conversation between the MCs and MONSTA X:

MCs: “How about Afghanistan?”

(Korean Captions say “At A Loss For Words”)

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 were clearly taken-a-back right away, but it didn’t stop there.

MCs: “You didn’t go to the Middle East? You should go to the border. Syria. Where they drop bombs. You didn’t go to Syria?’

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스: “No.”

MCs: “Iraq?”

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 : “No.”

MCs: “Somalia, right in the middle of where the pirates are. You didn’t go there?”

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 : “No.”

MCs: “So it wasn’t the entire world. It was a mini-tour.”

Alarm bells went off in my head from the get-go. Who thought it was a good idea to make jokes about bombs, war, stereotypes and war-torn countries? Since you know enough about the issue to make jokes about it, then clearly you know it’s a terrible situation, in which innocent people lose their lives every day.

The remark about Somali pirates – a stereotype. Yes, pirates do exist, it’s fact, but again it’s not a topic that should be engrossed in humour and canned laughter.

Some people are now saying that MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 seem to be taking part in the “banter”, which isn’t true. They simply answered “no” to each question, and their facial expressions said it all. The animated caption that says “At a loss for words” mirrored MONSTA X’s 몬스타엑스 의 shock, alongside nervous laughter.

Here are the thoughts of some MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 fans below:

This isn’t fair on MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 at all. Did the MCs really expect them to joke around about this topic? Potentially joking about the situation of the countries that some of their fans may live in? I don’t think so.

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 have just released their new mini album and have literally just started their promotions. This incident isn’t fair at all, and negative comments have already surfaced.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.

Photo Credit:K-Pop Joe

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