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Hello, and welcome to inSEOULuble! We are so excited to share our thoughts, research and ideas with you, and can’t wait for the journey ahead!

We will be talking to, and meeting with real people just like you! Whether they be fans, opinion leaders or Hallyu industry buffs! We’re going to divulge behind the scenes of all things K-Cultured, and the K-lifestyle.

As well as bringing you your daily dose of Korean news, expect to gain a deeper insight into the lives of followers, devotees and enthusiasts!

Here at inSEOULuble, we want to bridge the gap between the fanatics and the uninformed. K-pop and the love for Korean culture was something that was once so taboo; and to my surprise, it is becoming quite mainstream. But not quite everyone has caught on!

Our objective is to work hard, and turn those faces-with-funny looks (from your friends, family and colleagues), into intrigued and socially aware ones!

I bet you’re wondering what the meaning of “inSEOULuble” is, right?

Remember the words “soluble” and “insoluble” from science class?

A material that is insoluble does not dissolve in liquid.

We tried to think of the best way to explain and describe the status of the Hallyu wave, and we simply decided that it is something that won’t dissolve or fade out fast.  Long story short, we changed the spelling and incorporated Korea’s capital (Seoul서울) into the mix!

Hence inSEOULuble was born!

I hope you get the reference? Brownie points for anyone who tells us what it is, in the comments!

Seoul is where all of this greatness originates from of course!

So sit tight! We have a long road ahead!

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We will see you very soon!

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