The University of Sheffield Presents: Korea Day

Korean culture enthusiasts in the North of England, here’s your chance to experience a fun-filled day of all things Korean!

Introducing “Korea Day”, a collaborative event by the University of Sheffield’s Korea Society and K-Pop Dance Society;  all kindly sponsored by the Korean Cultural Centre in London!

The day is open to all members of the public, and will take place at the Octagon Centre, Sheffield on Sunday 11th March 2018!

So what’ll be happening on the day you ask?

Lots of arts and crafts, live demonstrations, games, tasty Korean food, and performances! You can get stuck in and try your hand at Korean Calligraphy and try on traditional Hanbok.


Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Check out the Korea Society’s official event page for more details!

Photo Credit:

Korean Cultural Centre UK

Korea Society – University of Sheffield


2 thoughts on “The University of Sheffield Presents: Korea Day

  1. I think I left an Umbrella at Korea day yesterday. it’s an expensive one that fits into a long grey sleeve. Can you see from lost property at the Octogan please?

    1. Hi, I’m afraid I’m not affiliated with The Korea Society, the Kpop Dance society, or the Octagon. I’m not located in Sheffield. So maybe it’s best that you go to the Octagon and check the lost property?

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