“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 2 – A Snappy Synopsis

So how did you like episode 2? We really spoiled you this month! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then your ears haven’t been blessed yet!

This month was my personal episode, and we focused on more of my likes and dislikes of K-Pop, and this time the other panelists chimed in!  I did dig in and give you some tea; some stories, and experiences that I’ve had as both a fan and a member of the press. Now I don’t want to give too much away of course, as we want you listening!

Episode 2 – “How Much For A Hi-Touch?” PART 1

We divulged in on concerts and all factors surrounding them, including:

  • Ticket sales, resale, and scalping
  • Concert organisation – What happens when you don’t get the Early Entry and Hi-touch you paid for?
  • Fan benefits in Asia compared to benefits outside of Europe.
  • The beauty of K-Pop albums, packages and group orders.
  • Concert Etiquette
  • KpopKnight

This episode focuses on the above, in reference to my personal likes and dislikes, but the team chimed in and spilled tea on American events that I had no clue about! It’s always refreshing to hear their experiences, as they’re so, so similar to mine, and the only difference is that I live on a different continent. However, it seems that K-Pop concerts in America are organised a little bit better, and the fans have nicer hi-touch and photo experiences.

This month’s episode was split into two parts, just because we wanted to treat you guys this month, and we had some bonus content as it was just too juicy not to share!

Episode 2 – “How Much For A Hi-Touch?” PART 2

Alejandro, Immy and Kaylee give some good advice on how to interact with your faves more! They also talk about their own personal hi-touch/photo experiences with GOT7, MONSTA X and Zion T.

I really feel that our “Shots Sprinkled” segment this month was HOT. I’m surprised no one was triggered, or maybe you were but you didn’t leave a comment!

We encourage you to comment, share and interact with us!

Keep an eye out for July’s episode! It’s Kaylee’s turn to take the lead, and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say!


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