“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 1 – A Snappy Synopsis

So did you guys catch the tea? It was hot, but only a small amount was spilled! We wanted to give you a taste of our honest thoughts, opinions, and personalities. We’re just getting started, and here’s a small preview of what we had to say in episode 1 of “The sprinKle Podcast.”We started off mentioning our likes and dislikes about K-Pop and the HallyU wave, and all of our opinions were laid-out, without interference from one another. You get to hear a small piece about ourselves and how we got into this community; and our personal intros really differ from one another!

“But I also try to focus on the fans. Because when you talk to people over social media, you have to remember there are faces, there are emotions behind those words.”

– Kaylee

Kaylee is a sweetheart who deeply connects with her readers, and she wants the greater good for everybody! But don’t take that the wrong way, she will stand firm with her statements and you’ll definitely hear what she has to say!

“I just wanted to be completely clear about this podcast, that when I talk about certain situations, this is someone that is gonna stay in K-pop…

… I’m someone that’s here for the long run…”

– Immy

Immy means business, and she’s here for change, debates, discussions and has a deep interest in Korean culture as a whole. She knows her stuff! For real, for real! There’s a lot bubbling inside of her head!

“So they put on this mask and fictitious attitude, towards certain groups.

“I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with using the group for views, but at least like the group. At least be genuine about it. Don’t force yourself to be something you’re not, because later on in your channel you’re gonna say something, you’re gonna slip up…”


Alejandro is cutthroat, and that’s what I love about him. He lays out facts, truth and logical points that you can’t really argue with. One word – Sass! Hearing things from a K-Pop YouTuber’s perspective is definitely an eye-opener.

It feels strange to quote myself, but here we go.

“And if you’re going to act a certain way, and portray yourself a certain way, then people are gonna think that they can treat you a certain way.”

“Because of this apologising for being a human being, it’s the cycle of ‘they expect me to apologise, now I’ve got to tell them every single detail of my life.’ “


I feel that every action causes a chain reaction, whether it be good or bad, depends on you. Everything has an A to B process, and my thought process works on both ethics as well as logic. Perhaps my tone comes across harsh at times? I always wonder how people perceive me…? I guess I’ll soon find out!

Seeing these quotes from us out of context must have you really scratching your heads?

Take a listen to Episode 1 to get up to speed with what we discussed.

Episode 2: June

June’s episode will feature more of my likes and dislikes, and I’ll be dishing some info on personal experiences of my own. This time the team will contribute, and we’ll get into our first healthy debate! We all have different perspectives, outlooks, and personalities, so who knows whom will agree with whom?

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