The South Korean Justice System: Safety or Suppression?

On 24th October, U-KISS’s Hoon revealed that an elementary school child that was assaulted and left brain dead, is in-fact his relative. Due to the damage caused, the child will remain at the mental age of a 3-4 year old child. To make matters worse, this incident is not being taken seriously and will not and due to Korean law, CANNOT be investigated as the occurrence was between minors.

This is absolutely heart breaking and one of many flaws within the South Korean justice and law system. This incident has left a child disabled and with a poor quality of life ahead, due to bullying and victimisation.

Hoon has not stated what relationship he has with the child, but only that he is a relative. He wrote a post on Instagram today, which was translated by his band member Eli Kim:

Translation by Eli Kim:

There is currently a child unconscious and hospitalized due to bullying by a classmate at Mokpo Seoha Elementary School in Jeonnam Province. If he returns consciousness he will remain at a mental state of a 3-4 year old. The child who is in the hospital is a family member of mine and I am so angry and upset because I was told that the parents of the bully were standing outside the hospital room laughing and joking around. Currently my family is not receiving any comfort because this problem cannot be investigated by authorities due to it being between minors. How ridiculous. . I do not know what to do. I just pray that he regains consciousness…

Reading this and hearing about others being brutally abused on the news do to bullying, and not receiving any punishment because they are minors makes me wonder if I can send my children to school. Not knowing if our children will be safe in general, is the scariest feeling. But at school???? A place to make friends and learn…… some things need to change…

This isn’t the only case/incident where clearly there is a state of injustice, and South Korea has been known to cover up or not take a number of issues and situations seriously. Some of which the consequences lead to trauma and fatalities.

Reports of “low crime rates” within the country, juxtaposed with high suicide rates.

To hear that the parents of the bully were laughing and joking, just shows that some people know that serious incidents are trivialised, and no one will be held responsible.

Injustice makes me very sad and very empathetic towards victims, this entire thing is sickening and it really makes you think how many others have suffered in silence. The fact that Hoon is an idol star – this aided the spread of this terrible tragedy; as he was able to post his message on a large platform, and will most definitely be shared countless times.

We in the west have gotten a hold of this information, and without a doubt it’s not something that would be brushed under the carpet on our side of the world.

Change needs to happen…

Will the media buzz prompt the Police and school to do something?

What are your thoughts on this?

Translation: Eli Kim Instagram

Photo Credit:

Hoon Official Instagram


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