The King of Sass! SHINee’s Key to Host A Cooking Talk Show

The King of cool! The King of Shade! SHINee’s 샤이니의  fashionista Key 키 (Kim Kibum 김기범) is set to host his own variety show, and I’m all for it!

Get ready for honest conversation and some good cooking. It’s about to be a feast for your eyes and ears…

‘Cheongdam Key-tchen’ (a very clever play on words), will see Key 키 play solo host to a range of celebrities whilst cooking them a meal on the spot, and partaking in variety and great conversation.

There’s no information as to when this will air, but the program will be shown on Kakao TV 카카오 TV.

Key 키 has been known to be a great cook, and he’ll definitely keep us entertained with his hilarious and blunt persona.



As SHINee 샤이니 are due to go on hiatus in the near future due to Onew’s 온유의  military enlistment, I’m sure that this is just the start of further ventures for Key, and I hope we can see more from the others as well.


Congratulations to Key 키!

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