The KCCUK and Rich Mix London Present: The K-Music Showcase 2019

This year’s K-Music Showcase brings us 3 fresh artists from Seoul, South Korea, that are new on the music scene. Hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre and Rich Mix as per, this night is always infused with various musical genres and will leave you wanting more.

This year’s event is being held on Tuesday 7th May, 7.30 pm at Rich Mix London.

The talent is just as distinct and extraordinary as the years prior, and you can take a look at, and listen to the three artists below.


Yeseo is an electronic producer and singer/songwriter. Her light and airy vocals are accompanied by her band’s alternative sounds. Not shy of success, Yeseo has been featured in popular print publications NYLON Magazine and Noisey Magazine. You may have come across her on BBC Radio 1.

If you’re an SM Station fan, then you may have heard the track “Privacy”, below.




Perhaps R&B is more your thing?

Meet George, and R&B singer-songwriter and producer, whose work has seen him recognised by Apple Music Korea. His EP Cassette was a high climber on the Apple Music’s R&B Chart.


Dabda 다브다

A psychedelic-rock band, who bring that retro and summer festival sound. Speaking of festivals, they have played at some of the biggest festivals in Korea. Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and Zandari Festa, just to name a few.

Grab your tickets here

And why not take a look at the artists via their social accounts?

Dabda Official YouTube

Yeseo Official YouTube

George Official Instagram



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