The K-Music Showcase 2018 : Highlights

If you weren’t at the K-Music showcase last Thursday, then you missed out! A fruitful display of musical performances laced my ears, as Gonne Choi, Billy Carter and 3rd Line Butterfly ignited the RichMix stage. Evidently, they are three very different bands, but I soon started to see their similarities.As I sat down with them, I learned that they, in fact, work regular jobs alongside their art. I’m not sure why I thought differently, and so a question I asked each of them was:

“What’s a regular day like for you?”

Jiwon of Billy Carter said that she wakes up and feeds her cat. I actually meant:

“What’s a normal day like for you as a band?”

I then, of course, found out that they (all three bands), don’t meet everyday, and rehearse in between their everyday schedules.

When asked who inspires them musically, Gonne Choi said that she grew up listening to many genres of music, and is inspired by a wide range of artists including Whitney Houston, Rebecca Martin and Bach. This is evident from her and her band’s musical style, as the songs they performed ranged from a vast amount of genres.

3rd Line Butterfly have been around for almost 20 years, and have had a few member changes in their time. It was their first time performing in London, and they said they’d be very interested in collaborating with western artists in the future.
They say that their music is “like the summer sky” because it’s always changing. With inspirations such as The Cure, Billie Holiday, Prince and ABBA I can definitely see how this description fits. German rock is also a favourite of theirs.

Billy Carter are a returning band, as they performed at last year’s K-Music Showcase. Their favourites include Patty Smith, the Clash and Billie Holiday. Their performance this year was as electrifying and very pleasing to the eye, as Jiwon is extremely aesthetic on stage, and her body movements shadow her feel of the music. They describe their music simply as “Blues.”
Take that as you find it, but perhaps it’s up to the audience to create their own interpretation.

Whilst Gonne Choi described her music as
“A nomad that is trying to find herself.”

I very much felt like she was telling a story via all of her songs, from start to finish.

I managed to grab a question from Nam Sang Ah, about 3rd Line Butterfly’s band logistics!

inSEOULuble: What inspired you to start this band?

Nam Sang Ah: I am a co-founder, there was a guitarist who started with us. He asked me to start a band with him. He had his own band and I had my own band, but we broke up with both of our bands. When he was still with his band I featured on a song, on their album. So that’s how we got acquainted. I really liked his composing abilities.

I’d highly recommend all three bands, and also recommend that you attend next year’s show. I really felt a lot of emotion through their live performances, there’s nothing quite like it.

All of the bands’ music screamed happiness and liberation, and I received a piece of their real and natural personalities when speaking with them, and via their performances. In comparison to K-Pop concerts, the artists are more free to be themselves without predetermined responses., and they even mingled aongst the crowd! The K- Indie scene has some real gems within it, and their art form is personal, original and very unique.

Photo Credit: K-Music Showcase/ Premier Entertainment Arts Culture

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