Concert Season: Return Of The Ticket Scalpers!

It’s concert season and already a number of world tours have been announced, tickets have already gone on sale and you’re either ecstatic or feel like you’ve been hoodwinked . Ticket scalping is a huge problem in the US, where tickets are being sold for absurd prices on third party websites, such as Viagogo, Get Me In, StubHub and more. Scalping does also happen in Europe, and this year I feel that it’s definitely increased,…

"Concert Season: Return Of The Ticket Scalpers!"

“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 1 – A Snappy Synopsis

So did you guys catch the tea? It was hot, but only a small amount was spilled! We wanted to give you a taste of our honest thoughts, opinions, and personalities. We’re just getting started, and here’s a small preview of what we had to say in episode 1 of “The sprinKle Podcast.”

"“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 1 – A Snappy Synopsis"

Labels and Brands: Is the Western World Missing Something?

Fashion is forever evolving and changing, and vintage has definitely been the cool thing for a long time now. But what about the brands and labels from the 80’s and 90’s, that your parents would dress in you in from head to toe? You look back at old photos and cringe at the thought of wearing them now!

"Labels and Brands: Is the Western World Missing Something?"

K-Pop Tattoos: The BTS Edition

We all have a favourite artist and/or group. Most of the time, multiple! So how do people usually show their passion and enthusiasm for their favourite idols? You buy merchandise of course! Albums, apparel and even glow sticks. But material things can only go so far; and we have found some dedicated fans that have expressed themselves in the form of tattoos.

"K-Pop Tattoos: The BTS Edition"