T.O.P’s Mother Revokes Police Statement On the Condition of Her Son. (Update on T.O.P’s Condition)

Sources say that T.O.P’s mother is upset that media outlets, have given false information, on her son’s condition.

I knew something was wrong, and the fact that they had an answer for everything, and the explanation sounded very off-key.

The condition of my son is quite bad. It’s been misreported after (the police) announced that my boy, who is almost dying, was not fully awake from tranquilizers,” T.O.P’s mother told reporters while sobbing at Ewha Womans University Medical Center in western Seoul. -T.O.P’s Mother


His Mother was very upset that the Police report confirmed that T.O.P is in a state of deep sleep. With so many news outlets publishing different things, it’s difficult to really understand his current state.

Today, the Ehwa Woman’s University Medical Centre did a live press conference where they laid out T.O.P’s current condition.

Here we have a translation of the conference below.




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Photo Credit: Exposure News 엑스포죠뉴스

The attendees and speakers were Professor Lee Deok Hee from the Department of Emergency Medical and Health Services, Professor Kim Yong Jae from the Department of Neurology, and Professor Choi Hee Yeon from the Department of Mental Health Services.


In  A a nut shell, T.O.P suffered from respiratory failure, as large amounts of carbon monoxide were found in his blood stream, hence low levels of oxygen. This can cause brain damage.


 “During his medical examination, the patient would open his eyes if given a strong stimuli, but he was unable to concentrate. There are cases in which this may lead to respiratory arrest or brain damage, but we do not believe that this will be the case for this patient.”

-Professor Kim Yong Jae

“Currently, we are unable to determine the exact amount of medication that the patient ingested. Recovery time depends on the patient’s age so it’s difficult for us to give an exact time frame. From previous cases, we’ve seen that younger patients with no complications usually recover in approximately a week.” The doctor emphasized, “What is most important is the patient’s mental health.”

-Professor Lee Deok Hee

I think it was smart to hold a press conference, as the police’s statement contradicted what T.O.P’s family and YG Entertainment stated.

The fact that the police lied, is terrible and I can’t understand what they would gain from this. At least the truth is out now.


Prayers to T.O.P and his family and friends.

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