T.O.P Found Unconscious This Morning And Is Currently In Intensive Care

I’m in complete and utter shock. Korean news website Osen News has reported that T.O.P was found unconscious on the morning of 6th June…He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit, after a suspected drug overdose.

So it seems that the latest scandal got too much for him, and all signs point to an overdose.

An acquaintance of his said the following:


“The results from tests have yet to come out, but I’m suspicious that it’s due to an overdose from excessive drug use. He was having a hard time due to recent events and I think his stress reached a climax. It’s very unfortunate and I hope he wakes up soon.”

This is very sad news, and it just shows that the pressures of South Korean society can become too much. Who knows what else he was dealing with, amidst this scandal.

T.O.P has a history of depression, and this tipped him over the edge.

In the western world, this drug is seen as something very minor; and a celebrity from the west would not be charged, heckled or treated in this way. It makes you realise how much we often take for granted; as other country’s customs and laws are not so lenient.

I haven’t seen anything myself, but I can only assume that the  Netizens have probably been their usual selves; with slander and have showcased their disappointment in dramatic ways.


T.O.P you’re bigger and better than this! Your talents and funny personality make people happy worldwide!

Best wishes for T.O.P; I hope that he wakes up soon and has a quick recovery.


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