Suho’s Infamous Sasaeng “Rion,” Displays Disturbing “Rape Me” Signage at EXO’s Manila Concert


EXO are currently on the Asia leg of their Exo Planet #3 – The EXO’rDIUM, World Tour. On the 25th February, Suho’s 수호 infamous Saesang fan only known online as “Rion” paid an expected (yes not unexpected, expected) visit to the show in Manila, Phillipines.

If you are familiar with this girl then you’ll know that Suho is followed almost everywhere by her, and is always very uncomfortable in her presence.

“Rion” seems to be from Japan, and according to sources, she is around 17-18 years old.

Unlucky for Suho 수호, she acquired a front row standing position at the show, and held a handmade sign that read “rape me.” This is very disturbing and is clearly causing Suho 수호 a lot of stress.

Have a look at the fan-cam video below:


Fans on social media have always spoken about this girl and mentioned times when other fans would have to step in, physically, at events and fan meets.

Just over a year ago, other fans blocked her entry via a doorway and sprayed water on her. It’s very unfortunate that other fans turn physical, due to this type of situation.


Here we can see fans’ pleas and reactions to Rion’s actions in Manila.


Apparently, it isn’t the first time that she has presented this sign to Suho 수호.

My question is, where are her parents? How is able to travel back and forth, and follow Suho 수호 around like this? Where is she getting the money from?

And it continues…


I feel bad for Suho 수호, as it must be physically and mentally draining, to be followed by one individual. Personally, I’d feel on edge all the time; and constantly anxious. It’s unfortunate that idols have to go through this sort of thing, and nothing can be done about it; especially as saesang fans are sometimes minors.

What are your thoughts on this?

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