South Korea’s Societal Borders Are Shaking: Featuring Jessi

It’s 2018, and I am reporting about a “sexy” and perhaps “inappropriate” music video. Deemed inappropriate in Korea and other countries in the Far East, but most definitely not for us in the west. Customs and social norms fluctuate and differ across all continents, cultures, and religions of course. But is a woman embracing her sexuality and womanly figure so bad?

This is the 2018th year A.D, in the 21st century.  Jessi did a brave thing by presenting herself the way she did in her music video. She wore beachwear – which is what you wear to the beach, so no shock there.

In the eyes of Korean society, her dancing and choice of clothing are frowned upon. I’m surprised that her music video wasn’t rated “19+.” God forbid that a woman is happy with and proud of her womanly assets, which are all natural, normal and nothing to be ashamed of!

Jessi even stated in her Instagram live stream (the day before the music video was released), that some people would probably give her a hard time about it. What I think is a big juxtaposition is that female idol group members wear the teeniest, tiniest shorts and the shortest dresses – which leave little to the imagination. But yet showing your chest/cleavage and sometimes shoulders is a no-no? Especially if it’s by choice; in this case Jessi’s choice.

South Korea’s Decline in Population

This leads me to talk about South Korea’s declining birth rate. As we know it’s very common for people within South Korea to live with their families for long periods of time, maybe even for their entire lives. This is also apparent in other ethnic minorities.

South Korea’s attitude towards sex and high censorship has made sexual relationships and intimacy seem dirty.

Dating is known as a “scandal.” When in fact, it’s a normal part of life, and yet it’s overhyped, and famous idols and actors have to publicly announce it with official statements via their company.

People, especially the young, resort to using love motels, as they can’t always freely date in public. However, this is isn’t in all cases of course.

But I feel that the declining birth rate is due to the societal norms of sex and dating being hugely scandalous, and it creates an endless cycle where some people will be bashed and bullied because of these set norms. Here is where little monsters are made! We know how upset and scary some Kai fans got when a shopkeeper leaked a picture of his receipt, which included a packet of condoms.

Such an invasion of privacy.

It is evident that not everyone agrees with this mindset, and a lot of the younger generation is more open-minded and have a different outlook on life. In conjunction with the ones that don’t – keyboard warrior K-Netz who stick to these traditions and customs, and will bad mouth these celebrities in the comment section of YouTube, new sites, their personal social media accounts and more.

With this continuous cycle, it has been stated that Koreans could become extinct by the year 2750.

Of course, some people are passive and will stick to everything they have been taught, as this is the safer option. Whilst other members of society will actively think differently, and take interest in other ideas.

I’m not saying to throw out all of your country’s cultural norms and traditions and start going around sleeping with everyone, but I personally think that some customs are not applicable to 21st-century life, and this is across the board, and not just within Korean society. Of course there has to be a level of respect for everyone’s cultures and beliefs, but South Korea, your inhabitants are slowly fading away!

I could speak on this topic forever.

But Jessi, I’d like to applaud you, you stay true to yourself at all times, regardless of what anyone says. You’re self-made and no one else is going to pay your bills, except you! So live freely, and keep doing you girl! The music video and song was fire, and you owned it!

I’m looking out for a 3-way collaboration between Jessi, Hyolin and Hyuna! As all three women are part of the IDGAF crew!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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  1. This is really a preacher! Thank you for blessed my day with this, queen Jessi making knetz shook and not gonna line… I love it. 👸😂🤣😫🤷

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