Photos of T.O.P Have Emerged, As He is Kicked Out of His Police Office

T.O.P will be chilling from now on. He’s probably going to go home, sip on some wine, and buy some more art…

I see a slight smirk, that he’s trying to hold back.


Let’s not forget his hilarious Instagram  account! I wonder if he’ll return to it? Hmm, maybe not.



I’m sure that T.O.P didn’t mean to smirk, but to be honest, I often smirk/smile in the worst situations.

Of course the amount of time he spent in the military will not count towards his mandatory service, and he will now have to start again. My predictions are that he will lay low for a while, and perhaps jet off to somewhere in Europe.


Photo Credit:

News 1 Korea

Dispatch News

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