My First Experience in London: The Tale of A Korean Native

When visiting another country, we tend to have a funny story or two, to tell. This Korean native’s account of something that happened whilst they visited London, UK, is very shocking.

This person decided to keep themselves anonymous for reasons, which will soon become obvious.

Alias: Jinyoung 진영

Age: 20’s

Gender: Male

This person was visiting London for a short holiday and wanted to improve their English speaking skills. Whilst exploring, they stumbled upon the language exchange app, “HelloTalk”, and found it very useful.

They received a message from a female that of course wanted to learn Korean, and the conversation between them remained friendly. The female then proposed that they would meet to continue their studying, and Jinyoung 진영 saw no harm in this, and was happy to meet with an English native!

They met in a coffee shop, and Jinyoung 진영 of course, brought a notebook and pen with him, he was puzzled when the female didn’t have the same tools. She wasn’t very interested in exchanging their knowledge of their native languages and soon became a bit physical, and very touchy-feely.

His first impression of this girl was that she was extremely tall- over 6 foot. She has previously told him that she was tall because she was “Jamaican”, and also a model. Jinyoung 진영 didn’t think much of this, and does not actually know much about people of Caribbean heritage. So he brushed this off.


As time went on, the female began to show Jinyoung around London, but was acting as if they were a couple; she started holding his hand a lot, and Jinyoung 진영 became quite confused, It got very late into the evening, and it became very dark. They were sitting outside of Buckingham Palace when suddenly the girl attempted to kiss and caress him!

She then climbed onto him, which caught Jinyoung 진영 by surprise. He told her to stop, and abruptly left, as he was very shocked at what had happened. This is not the meeting he planned to have and was confused as to why this girl would act like this; when they agreed to meet for coffee and the exchanging of languages, and friendly conversation.

Before they met in person, Jinyoung had asked the female if she had any social media account such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The female said she did not. After the incident occurred, Jinyoung accidentally stumbled upon her Instagram account and found that she was indeed a model as she had said to him previously. The detail she left out, was that she was a transgender woman.

I spoke to Jinyoung 진영 myself, and I explained that when used correctly, HelloTalk is indeed a language exchange app, but some people do tend to use it for dating purposes. As a foreigner in London, he was not aware that some people do this and was an innocent victim in this situation.

Jinyoung 진영 stated that he will now be more cautious when meeting people in the future, as some people may have different intentions. Different intentions that you have yourself.


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