#MONSTAXINLONDON: The Biggest Ticket Scam in K-Pop History?

Monebes around the UK and Europe have been subjected to unfair and illegal ticket selling activity. The culprits? Nope, this time its not the scalpers!

On Wednesday the 26th June, MONSTA X fans that had purchased their Ultimate VIP (P1) and Hi-Touch Standing tickets (P2) from Eventim UK, received emails stating that not ALL ticket holders would be receiving their benefits.

We all thought that this was an error on Eventim’s behalf, as they are not the concert’s promoter – just a ticket vendor. Fans who also purchased their tickets via Ticketmaster UK and Ticketmaster NL, had been advised of the same thing.

Shortly after, Dutch fans were advised that this was false and both ticket holders would receive all the benefits that they paid for. So where did this leave UK fans and ticket holders?

To find out more,  listen to The SprinKle Podcast below, featuring myself and Immy of “Daebakk K-Pop Immy!’


In all honesty, this whole situation is illegal and I’m very shocked and surprised at the events that unfolded.

Firstly it took 3 months for us to receive ticket sale dates for London and the other European stops. Three months after the tour announcement was made… We had no response or answers from AEG, and I find this to be very unprofessional.

Then we have a change of wording, and benefits – with the original posts on the Facebook edited. Throughout the past 48 hours, we heard nothing from AEG on social media, as fans demanded explanations.



False/incorrect information given to customers…



Only 500 people out of… how many? We don’t know.




This image was on the SSE Arena/AXS website during the pre-sale, and as you can see it states that Ultimate VIP ticket holders WILL have a Hi-Touch, a signed poster AND a signed CD etc. The word “includes” was used, rather than “opportunity.” The new wording suggests that you may have the chance, but it isn’t definite – this makes me think that this will be used against people who file a complaint, legal proceedings etc.

The word “opportunity” sounds like you may have a chance.

Rather than “Sorry, we oversold”, it’s now being called a “programming error.”


I’m not buying it…



The fans aren’t happy…



This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve seen people asking for refunds, and people saying they are going to take further action.

It’s sad that due to disorganisation, the artist and the fans are the ones who end up suffering.


What are your thoughts?

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