Some people are skeptical as Starship Entertainment and My Music Taste haven’t announced the dates yet. Not to worry, I’m about to reassure you!

So here is the poster that is floating around.

As you can see it has the official logos of Starship Entertainment, CJ E &M and My Music Taste; it also shadows the exact same design of the U.S poster!

Some people are weary, as there have been no official announcements. But ah-ha!

People who have taken part in requesting MONSTA X via the artist request website “My Music Taste” have received emails, confirming that the concert is happening. “Taste Makers” from Amsterdam, The Netherlands are the first of the three countries to receive an email, which included the above poster!



As a “Taste Maker” I myself have been receiving updates for the London show from My Music Taste.

Yes, I got my receipts, okay?


Hold tight London and Madrid, it seems that My Music Taste are sending the emails in batches, based on the country.

So there you have it!

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for my own text message and email, and update you all accordingly. I think the announcements will roll out this week, and hopefully ticket information!

Which show will you be attending in Europe?


Photo Credit: Official MONSTA X Twitter

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