Monsta X “Fans” Body Shame Wonho on VLive

Wonho 원호 has a sexy, masculine persona when performing on stage, but deep down he’s the softest thing ever! He’s previously mentioned that he has hang ups about his looks, and body; so what did some people do? They body shamed him to his face!

Live on the internet!

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 have been on the Latin American and South American leg of their world tour. Wonho 원호 out the kindness of his heart, has been broadcasting himself on VLive, basically everyday! He did this for the fans right?

So please tell me why some people feel the need to tell him to his face (via the live comments), that’s he’s a fat pig, and needs to lose weight?

He laughed and smiled through it all, but you could definitely see that he wasn’t okay.

So I’ve come to notice that a lot of MONSTA X fans are young, teenage girls.

But what some of you need to realise is that Wonho 원호 is a 25 year old man! He’s grown!

He went through puberty many moons ago! So he probably won’t look like the teenage boy in your class, and he probably doesn’t want too! Hence him beefing up!

The fact that Wonho 원호 takes it to heart is even worse. During other broadcasts he’s in the gym doing cardio, telling us how many kg’s he’s lost.


There were many more comments that were made, and a lot of MONSTA X fans on twitter started the Hashtag #WonhoJustBeWhatYouLike.

What are your thoughts?

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