MONSTA X Due to Comeback in November – Teaser Photo Released!

Maybe it’s not obvious, but I’m a HUGE MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 fan! (Ha) They’ll be coming back in November! And your girl will be in Korea at that time. Starship Entertainment had this to say on 28th September:

MONSTA X is getting ready to make a comeback in early November. They’re recording their new album right now, but we haven’t decided on a specific release date yet.

This was posted on MONSTA X’s 몬스타엑스Official Instagram

I think this comeback will be similar to their early releases. A Hip Hop Style. Purely based on the snippet of the comeback song that Wonho 원호 accidentally leaked on VLive lol.

And look at the image above! It’s dark, but boisterous!

I’m definitely going to try to get into music shows, with the help of a friend.

Are you excited as I am?

Having just completed their world tour, MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 are on a roll!

Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment

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