MONSTA X – “Beautiful in Paris” : My Concert Experience

On Wednesday 9th August, my life changed forever… Okay, that was a bit dramatic!

My eyes and ears were blessed with the sight and sounds of  MONSTA X 몬스타엑스! Where do I even begin?

Wonho’s  원호 abs? Jooheon’s 주헌 dimples? Or Shownu’s 셔누 golden, melanised skin tone?

It was all too much!

They opened the show with “Beautiful 아름다워”, and that is MY SONG! The crowd (including myself), went absolutely INSANE! We still hadn’t gotten used to the fact that they were in front of us, as they literally walked out, posed and got right into it.

Of course, we were in Paris, so the translator translated everything from Korean to French. In all honesty, I don’t know what was going on at all. LOL. I.M being the one who is most fluent in English, engaged with the crowd in this language. And MONSTA X showed off their French skills.

I have numerous fan cams, but a lot of them can’t be uploaded, as it looks like I’m fighting with my phone…

I’m not someone who screams, but all of a sudden I started freaking out. I replayed my recording of “Beautiful” and I’m absolutely shocked and embarrassed at my behaviour! I sound like someone’s MURDERING ME.


Giiiiirl! You too grown to be acting a damn fool!

Zara was judging me the whole time. She said she didn’t realise how much I liked MONSTA X 몬스타엑스, and I was thinking…


Image result for LISTEN TO ME KPOP GIF

So now let’s talk about the members, individually. I’m going to start with Wonho 원호, as I’d like to get him out of the way, as quickly as possible. He gives me chest pains.

Related image

This guy…

Image result for serious lenny gif

He was doing THE MOST! I went back to my country, WITH NO VOICE!

Even when he was fully clothed, I failed to understand why his stylist chose to dress him in tight, figure-hugging t-shirts and jeans. I should not be able to see the outline of your physique.


Image result for levitating cat gif

He dances like he’s in Magic Mike! I thought this concert was suitable for under 18’s also? No? No?

His whole aura and vibe was so, so RUDE.

Yes, Wonho 원호 is my favourite, but still…



Jooheon 주헌 was absolutely precious! His fan service and interactions were genuine and so heartfelt. I could tell that his fans mean a lot to him, and he had such a warmness to him.

When he performed his solo stages with Hyungwon and Kihyun, he was an absolute beast! Jooheon is so, so underrated within the rap and hip-hop sector; and I think this is purely because he is an idol-rapper.

Minhyuk 민혘, bless him. I didn’t notice at the time, but he has a back injury! After watching my fan cams I noticed that he was holding his neck and back quite a lot; and his dancing was very limited. Regardless, he tried his best, and was as sweet with the fans, as ever.

Hyungwon 형원 was the same! 🙁 His leg/knee problem is obviously not completely healed, but he soldiered on. He interacted with the crowd and pushed through. There were times where he would sit and rest. But, his DJ set was sick!

Shownu 셔누! Oooooooooo girl! When I say his skin tone is popping! That dark, caramel skin! He danced and performed like his life depended on it, and showed that he truly is the dancing King of the group! I really wish they wouldn’t whiten his skin in pictures. Tut!

Kihyun 기현 is THE VOICE! His special stage with Jooheon “Mirror”, was just, wow! His vocal range is immense; every word came from deep inside of his chest! You go Kihyun!


For someone of such a young age, his skills are extremely developed. And he was really getting down during his special performance with Shownu and Minhyuk. Don’t underestimate him! He’s definitely one to watch!

Now on to the photo :/

It was actually supposed to be taken on arrival before the concert started. So after the concert, we queued up for basically an hour; when we got there, I was forced to sit on the floor. Nowhere near MONSTA X; and there were over 10 of us (excluding them), in the picture. So I said, “No, there are too many people.”

Zara then gently pushed me onto the floor, as the security guard was VERY aggressive and mean. I was so, so angry, but I went with it. Afterwards, I stood up, and Kihyun said to us:

“Thank you, thank you for coming.”

So we replied of course. Zara gave her British flag to Minhyuk, and soon as she did the security guard PUSHED her, so hard. I then said: “Wonho!”

He looked at me (I died), and he took my flag. As this happened, the security guard PUSHED ME, and SCREAMED in my face.

You should have seen Wonho’s face! He clutched the flag to his chest, and his mouth dropped open.

(My husband cares for me).

We then continued on to say goodbye to Hyungwon and Shownu; as I said Shownu’s name he made eye-contact (ohhhh sheeettttt); and gave that blank stare that he usually does. I froze LOOOOL and said bye.

And AGAIN, the security guard screamed at me and pushed me; so hard that I went flying towards Jooheon and I.M, who were at the end of the line. Their faces were also shocked. The only member that spoke was Kihyun; I think he felt bad about the photo set up, and how the security guard was treating us. The others seemed shocked and/or scared.

They were in complete silence.

The fact that we paid extra money for this photo, and it turned out like this? I don’t even want to see it. I know my angry feelings will return again! I have a right mind to make a complaint via email, as I think My Music Taste should know how the L’Olympia staff treated us, as this is not the experience that we expected.

Now I wish that I paid for Hi-Touch instead.

Besides the cuffufle with the photo, it was such an amazing experience! I was able to meet new people, and some of you guys, that follow me! Thank you so much for your kindness! It was so nice to finally connect with some of you! 

Image result for monsta x heart gif

Did you go to any of the European concerts? Or maybe the American tour? Let me know what your experience was like!

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