MBC Receives Negative Backlash Over “Muslim” Drama

We know that religion is a very sensitive topic, and portraying any type of person can be very dangerous. How does MBC represent Islam, in their new drama?People are offended, and upset; as they feel that this K-Drama is giving people the wrong impression of what Islam is about.

It’s titled “Man Who Dies To Live.”

So this drama is supposed to be comedic; but the theme and content is not something to be toyed with.
It’s a regular occurrence; seeing people from the South Korean entertainment industry making these types of blunders. But by now (please), everyone should know what is acceptable and what isn’t. I understand that South Korea is a homogeneous country, but with so many people being criticised and called out for racism and discrimination against minorities; this should not happen over, and over again.


This person on twitter made an entire thread of their views.



There’s a lot more which can be seen here.

This image here, really shocked me…


How much longer can excuses be made?

How many more times will we say it’s because they’re not aware?

What are your thoughts?


Picture Credit: @Mayssemgh

Feature Image: Asian Wiki


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