Malicious Netizens Beware! Eli of U-KISS Will Now Take Legal Action!

Eli of U-KISS  유키스, registered his marriage in 2014, as he worried how his fans would react. He now has a baby boy, and to his surprise, the fans reacted positively. Showering his family with gifts and compliments. But as expected, some people take things a bit too far.


Eli will now take further action against netizens, due to the spreading of false information, public humiliation and sexual harassment.

Not only were the comments directed to him, but also to his wife and child. I’m not sure what the content of these comments were, but it’s actually disgusting, and ridiculous. Fans need to stay fans, and realise that your idols are human beings, that have real lives too.


I often wonder if some people think that their favourite groups go back into their box, after they’re done singing and dancing for them, at the end of the day.




It’s very dark, and extremely disturbing, that some people allow their lives to be consumed by a human being; this human being is solely doing music as it’s something that they have a love and passion for. Of course they care about their fans, but they will date, they will have sex, and it won’t be with you!



No one has the right to persecute someone for living their everyday life. As you know, we all live our lives as we want too.

And look how cute Michael (MinSoo 민수) is!




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