London Korean Film Festival 2018

The London Korean Film Festival is back once again! Expect just over 3 weeks of pure South Korean film, documentaries and animation, brought to you by the Korean Cultural Centre UK!

From the 1-25th November, a range of actors and directors will take part in Q&A’s and present UK and international premieres of their films and projects. the first 14 days will take place in London and then on to other parts of the United Kingdom, for its annual tour.

This year’s special focus is “A Slice of Everyday Life”, where a number of films will showcase different types of everyday people, within contemporary South Korea. The way in which other live privately, but is unknown to others.

This following films in this segment include but is not limited to:

“Christmas in August.”

In this beloved melodrama, an enduring favourite in Korea, Jung-won runs a small photo studio where he takes funeral head-shots. He forms a connection with Darim, who is a regular customer, but she doesn’t know that Jung-won is terminally ill…

Director: Lee Yoon-Ki

Starring: Kim Ji-Soo, Hwang Jung-min


“The Journals of Musan”

Seong-Chul rents a room with his friend Kyung-Chul. Both are defectors from North Korea. While Kyung-Chul is full of ambition and money-making schemes, honest Seong-Chul struggles to hold down any job, even at the karaoke bar where the girl he has an eye on in church works.

Director:  Park Jung-Bum

Starring: Park Jung-Bum, Jin Young -Uk, Kang Eu-Jin, Park Young-Deok


Ticket and Film Schedule

For a full schedule and to purchase ticket, visit the London Korean Film Festival’s official website.

Tickets for all screenings, Q&A’s and both the closing and opening gala can be purchased.

I’m very much looking forward to watching something from each of the following strands:

Cinema Now

Women’s Voices

Indie Firepower

Contemporary Classics

Artists Video

Animation and Shorts.

There’s even a chance to watch “Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure.”

That’s the big kid in me!

Grab your tickets whilst you can, as this film festival is not to be missed!

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