Labels and Brands: Is the Western World Missing Something?

Fashion is forever evolving and changing, and vintage has definitely been the cool thing for a long time now. But what about the brands and labels from the 80’s and 90’s, that your parents would dress in you in from head to toe? You look back at old photos and cringe at the thought of wearing them now!


Whilst in Seoul I went to a number of department stores and came across labels that aren’t considered “cool” or aren’t popular anymore in the western part of the world. Of course, Seoul is where it’s at when it comes to fashion and style; and I was surprised to see that old brands are worn by people, as much as the “in-fashion” ones are – if not, more!


So how do they do it? With celebrity endorsement/advertising and cleverly, cross-branding.


Kappa (Korea) – Endorsed by MONSTA X 몬스타엑스

I remember having Kappa trainers (sneakers), along with a tracksuit; and I was definitely under the age of 10. So that was… let’s say x amount of years ago.


This department store was in Sinchon 신천 and even had a signed MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 cardboard cut out! I was eyeing it up profusely. There was no one around! I should have slipped that into my backpack!





PUMA (Korea) –  Endorsed by BTS

Rihanna, of course, released her own collection with Puma, which consisted of footwear, and other accessories. But again, no one really sports this brand in the west, and cleverly Puma Korea chose BTS as their official ambassadors.  They’re (BTS) are a hot topic right now and are unstoppable. Drape these artists in your garments and it’s a win-win.


Long padded jackets are like THE thing right now. Where ever I looked, people of all ages were wearing them. It was also interesting to see that students had their own personalised ones, which stated the name of their university and the department that they’re studying in. The lengths ranged from calf to just above the ankle. The price of these jackets range between 200,000 – 500,000 won (£139.00-347.00/ $188.00-470.00)


This product and brand collaboration really caught my eye and was my absolute favourite. The colours of both entities are the same, so this made the partnership seem very natural. Sometimes cross-branding can be tacky, but this was nicely done.

FILA is definitely cool in Korea, and I think that the above trends may spread internationally, eventually. I wish I bought something, but you know when you’re not sure if you could personally pull it off?

Which of these brands would you wear?

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