Kangnam Asks Sam Okyere Racially Stereotypical Questions About Ghana

If I rolls my eyes anymore than I have done in the past, they’d drop out of my head.

Firstly I’ve never heard of this “Kangnam” guy, maybe I’ve been living under a rock. But I see he’s from a group called M.I.B, and is also an MC for variety shows.

The event took place on the 22nd October’s episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling.” Featuring H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn and Kangnam.

Sam, Kangnam and Tony sit on the floor sharing a meal, and are wearing traditional Ghanaian clothing. What could go wrong, aye?

So he begins to ask Sam questions about what it’s like to live in Ghana.

The above translates to

“Ghana has TV’s?”

Kangnam: Ghana has TV’s?

Tony: “Of course they do. You’re being rude.”

Kangnam: “Do they have channels like MBC? Or variety shows?”

Sam: We have everything. We even play Korean dramas.

Kangnam: “And subways?”

Sam: “We don’t have subways. But we have buses and even airplanes. Lions too!”

(Clearly he was annoyed at this point and was being sarcastic).

Kangnam then went on to say that he couldn’t believe that Ghana has clubs, and BUILDINGS. And was surprised that it was similar to Seoul. He was even shocked that you have to go to a zoo to see a lion.

Sam has lived in Korea for 9 years now, and he’s often spoken about how he experienced racism in his everyday life. He’s done so in public talks and on television.

And the fact that other MC’s watching the ordeal via video (afterward), thought it was funny?

It’s not…

K-Netizens weren’t happy with this at all, and were speaking on Sam’s behalf. They all agreed that Kangnam was disrespecting him and his country.

Watch the clip below:

One thought on “Kangnam Asks Sam Okyere Racially Stereotypical Questions About Ghana

  1. Dong Cheol’s laughing was disappointing. He’s usually so good at defusing this kind of thing like for instance on his variety show Hello Counselor. Which, ironically Sam made his first television appearance when the topic was about Black people being treated negatively in Korea.
    I can only think he was laughing at Kangnam’s idiocy but it seems to exasperate an otherwise unfunny perpetual problem.

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