K-Pop Tattoos: The VIXX Edition

VIXX fans! Take a look at Brigitte’s cool Rovix tattoo!

I think it fits in so well with her other ones, and has been nicely done!



What is your name? Age and country of residence?

My name is Brigette, but I go by Calavera on the internet! I am 27 and I live in West Virginia in the USA.

When was the first time that you listened to K-Pop? And what keeps you so enthused about the music and/or culture?

The first time I ever really listened to K-Pop was a few years ago. Probably in 2014. I had heard of Psy before and knew he was a K-Pop idol, but didn’t really give it a listen until a couple years after he got big. I remember a YouTuber I enjoyed watching did a reaction video to VIXX’s “Hyde.” I saw the music video and I instantly fell in love. I was really intrigued because VIXX was a more dark group, and I watched “Voodoo Doll” after “Hyde” and I was sold. I have always been pretty dark and enjoyed darker concepts in any kind of media. So to see a K-Pop group do that was really interesting. Even though a lot of groups or concepts don’t necessarily incorporate that dark aspect, I still found it to be creative and fun! I just love the music because there are so many different groups, so many different concepts, and I just think it sounds better overall. Even though I don’t understand the language much, I still can’t help but sing along to the music or fan girl over my ultimate bias (call me Chanyeol if you see this.).

What are your favourite aspects of Korean culture?

I just like how bright and colourful everything is. I would love to visit Seoul someday!

Please explain your tattoo, for the people that may not be familiar with the design; what does it mean to you?

Well, I started out in K-Pop with Vixx being my bias group. There was just something about them that I fell in love with. And Ravi was my first bias ever. I loved how creative they were, and for being a new group, I really liked how they were not afraid to try new concepts. I get tattoos because I want to carry a piece of the things I enjoy with me wherever I go. Rovix was a no brainer for this. I wanted to always be reminded of the happiness that VIXX and K-Pop brought me in my life. When I discovered K-Pop, I was also starting out in cosplay and I made my first cosplay ever while listening to VIXX on repeat. Cosplay has also become very important to me, so Rovix also reminds me of that time in my life where I was discovering who I was and the things I enjoy doing.

What made you decide on getting it? Was it an easy decision, or something that required a long thinking period?

Usually my tattoos are something I will take several months to a year to think about before getting. This one took maybe a day ha ha.

What do your friends (non-Kpop) and family think about your tattoo, and your general interest in K-Pop and Korean culture as a whole?

I think my family doesn’t really think anything about it. My friends think it is cool. My friends don’t listen to K-Pop but they do think it is interesting, and will sometimes ask me about it.

Who are your favourite artists/groups?

I love EXO, SHINee, and VIXX. Chanyeol is my ultimate bias, and I adore Onew.

Do you think that you’ll get any more K-Pop/Korean themed tattoos?

As of right now, no. I thought about getting an EXO tattoo but whenever I think about tattoos I want it’s not one I think about so that tells me it’s not as important right now.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

If you’re thinking about getting a K-Pop tattoo, go for it! It’s not often I see people with them, but when I do I think it’s great! I absolutely love mine and I will cherish it forever.

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