K-Pop Tattoos: The INFINITE Edition

I was really looking forward to INFINITE’s 인피니트 comeback, but as we know  it is postponed, as SungGyu 성규 is injured.

Get well soon SungGyu 성규!

Meet our next K-Pop fan that got bitten by the INFINITE 인피니트 bug!


What is your name? Age and country of residence?

Mad Queen, 21, California, USA

When was the first time that you listened to K-Pop? And what keeps you so enthused about the music and/or culture?

I started listening to K-Pop when I was about 12 or 13. I still listen to it because it is a part of the culture and that is what I am interested in.

What are your favourite aspects of Korean culture?

The food is absolutely delicious.

Please explain your tattoo, for the people that may not be familiar with the design; what does it mean to you?

My tattoo is INFINITE’s 인피니트 Destiny album logo. I honestly liked it the most out of all the INFINITE 인피니트 logos at that time.

What made you decide on getting it? Was it an easy decision, or something that required a long thinking period?

I have always wanted a tattoo but was afraid of it. I also thought it was way too expensive to do, and so when I was legal enough I went and got it done as a flash tattoo. I most likely should have gotten it done officially for a higher price but I don’t entirely regret it as my first.

What do your friends (non-Kpop) and family think about your tattoo, and your general interest in K-Pop and Korean culture as a whole?

Everyone I know actually believes it’s a different design of an infinity tattoo. Though they do know I have a huge interest in the Korean culture. My family would occasionally make jokes about that.

Who are your favourite artists/groups?

Right now my favourite group is BTS 방탄소년단 and K.A.R.D. My all-time favourite is HIGHLIGHT (previously known as B2ST), and B.A.P

Do you think that you’ll get any more K-Pop/Korean themed tattoos?

I definitely will be adding possibly one or two more Korean/K-Pop themed tattoos. Possibly BTS Wing tour logo, and something B.A.P related.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

If you are into tattoos don’t be afraid of getting one. At some point in time all you have to remember is that it is permanent and that your interest may change. Also, always do your research before you go in because every artist is different.


That’s the end of our K-POP tattoo featurette!

I’d like to thank everyone who was so willing to take part!

Hearing from K-Pop fans is important, as of course without them there would be nothing!

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