K-Pop Tattoos: Big Bang

Here we have the next instalment of our tattoo ventures! Meet Thia, and her Big Bang 빅방 lyrical tattoo

Haru Haru 하루하루. It’s a classic!

What is your name? Age and country of residence/ City/Town?

My name is Thia – I am @itsThiaRose across all my social media. 26, USA – Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When was the first time that you listened to K-Pop? And what keeps you so enthused about the music and/or culture?

I believe the first time I ever listened to Kpop was Fall of 2009, I got into it through a friend and haven’t stopped since. I was really intrigued at first how a genre of music in which I did not understand the words could make me feel so excited and enthralled, I connected to it in a way I only ever have with my favourite bands previously. The first songs I ever listened to very pop-y and happy; and just made me feel good even if I didn’t know what they were saying. My Korean proficiency has improved since then, but it still gives me this inexplicable feeling of wonder and excitement for the world around me – the fact that there is a whole other world outside of what I’m used to — its fascinating.

What are your favourite aspects of Korean culture?

My favourite aspect would probably be the respect. I’m always fascinated by how they show respect between age groups, elders, different genders. I was always taught to respect my elders, and I always find it so fascinating to see the levels to which the Korean culture dictates respect.

Please explain your tattoo, for the people that may not be familiar with the design; what does it mean to you?

My tattoo is “하루하루”, after Big Bang’s 빅방 song title of the same name. It means “Day by Day”; its one of my favourite Big Bang 빅방 songs on its own.  But the translation is a small personal reminder to live my life day by day. I don’t take my meaning from the song just the title, but to me it reminds me every day whenever things get rough:

“You’ve been through a lot, you can get through this too!”

It’s a reminder to not take anything too seriously; because I may not be where I want to be in life right now,  but one day I will get there even if I have to fight day by day to do it.


What made you decide on getting it? Was it an easy decision, or something that required a long thinking period?

It was an idea I had been thinking about for a little while but never put too much thought into it. I actually decided to get it when I was in Las Vegas in October 2015 for Big Bang’s MADE tour; I won some money on a slot machine the morning of the day before the concert, and decided to get the tattoo later that day.  As well as paying for my friend’s tattoo that she really wanted; we just wanted them in a matching script to look like someone just sat down and wrote them on us, with a paint brush.

What do your friends (Non-Kpop) and family think about your tattoo, and your general interest in K-Pop and Korean culture as a whole?

My friends and family are pretty used to my interest by now, at first they found it strange but we are going on several years now and they don’t mind. All of my close family and friends indulge my interest, and will listen to different songs when I play them; they just don’t seek it out on their own. My tattoo always produces a laugh though because people who are unfamiliar with Hangul always ask me why I have fractions on my arm. Everyone thinks it looks like math.

Who are your favourite artists/groups?

Big Bang 빅방- obviously. But my other favourites include B1A4, B.A.P, MBLAQ (I miss them so much) and Jay Park. Outside of K-Pop my favourite artists are One Ok Rock from Japan, and McFly from the UK. I have a very wide range in music taste actually.

Do you think that you’ll get any more K-Pop/Korean themed tattoos?

I have a couple of ideas – nothing in the works at the moment, but that could change very soon. You never know…

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