Jay Park Signs a Record Deal With Jay-Z!

Could this be the biggest milestone for a South Korean artist in the rap and Hip Hop world? Jay Park has signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label! And will be label mates with the likes of Rihanna, J-Cole and Big Sean.

I remember hearing rumours about this, sometime last year. But now it has indeed become a reality. “Crossing-over” to the U.S and western market won’t be a problem for Jay, as he has many fans worldwide. His current sound contains heavy elements of “American” and “western” R’n’B and Hip Hop; and the fact that he is American by nationality, means that this will be a walk in the park for him.

Jay Park has paved the way for many, and hopefully the cross-over from Korea to the becomes more frequent.


CL girl, I’m still waiting for that American debut!






Jay Park feels that this a big move for Asian Americans, who are often underrated and overshadowed in the media. I can agree.


I think Jay Park’s debut with Roc Nation is going to be HUGE!

Congratulations to Jay Park!


Photo Credit: Bands in Town

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