Jackson Wang Arrives In London – Mobbed By Fans At The Airport

Jackson Wang  잭슨 왕 of GOT7 갓세븐 has just arrived in London, UK! Exciting right?! As he’s attending the MTV EMA’s tomorrow in Wembley, Northwest London. We know that everyone wants to catch a glimpse of him, but couldn’t y’all let the man breathe?

He’s just flown between 10-12 hours from Shanghai to England – those long-haul flights aren’t a joke. You feel sticky and exhausted. At least give the man room to breathe and walk!


As you can see, he was walking so close to the wall, as fans were closing in on him, more and more. Of course he’s probably used to this kind of thing, but still – personal space guys… personal space.

I think if I was famous, I’d lose my cool; in the same way Kanye West fought with that paparazzi a long time ago.


Here’s what some GOT7갓세븐 /Jackson 잭슨 fans had to say…







Dramatic! Let’s not act brand new here!


Leg injury or not, he still has to walk from the plane to his car. He’s still going to be greeted by fans at numerous airports and locations, as he’s Jackson 잭슨  and this is what happens. Yes, the fact that he had no space wasn’t fair or nice, but people need to stop acting like fans haven’t done this before – and worse! Branding London fans as “the worst” or whatever. When we all know fans regardless of location do this crazy stuff all the time.


Remember when Jackson got on his knees in an airport in China, and bowed? He was begging for space and for people to let him move.  It’s the same thing, just on a different level.

Anyway, I personally think the smarter thing to do is to try and spot him outside the Wembley Arena tomorrow. It’s an open spaced and it’ll be a better controlled environment, security wise.


4 thoughts on “Jackson Wang Arrives In London – Mobbed By Fans At The Airport

    1. Maybe they didn’t expect any fans? Which I think is silly, considering how famous he is. Makes you put things into perspective; maybe that’s why GOT7 haven’t had concerts here. Because the company thinks there aren’t many fans.

  1. It’s unfortunate that this happens to all celebs. All fans want to show their love and I’m sure he understood that – I just hope he remains safe and enjoys the duration of his stay.

    As for management I really hope they all take into account that yes, the UK fan base exists and is growing! 🙂

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