“Jack-Baller’s” “Bromance” in LA! Fans Give Mixed Reactions!

It seems that Jackson 잭슨 stayed in LA, after KCON for some down-time. Yesterday he took to Instagram to show us some nice views of the restaurant he was eating at; with special guest… Ben Baller.

And how did the fans react when they saw that Jackson 잭슨 was lunching with him?  Mixed feelings, as always!


So we all know who Ben Baller is. A highly successful jeweller to the stars, who is infamous for his “racial slurs” against K-Pop fans online. Back in June, he got into controversy again, whilst defending Jackson 잭슨, during the Pepsi China incident. Here’s a quick run down in case you missed it:

  • Jackson 잭슨 wears dreads for Pepsi China advert.


  • Fans give mixed feedback, and Jackson responds via Instagram comments.
  • Some of the comments were seen as “ignorant” by some people; but the backlash soon died down.

Ben Baller then added his two cents.


Okay, Jackson 잭슨 isn’t Korean, but what ever…

Non Asian Kpop fans have to be some of the lowest IQ humans on earth. I’m dead serious. I’m sad for them.

— BEN BALLER™ (@BENBALLER) June 11, 2017



Image result for rhoa gifs
For someone that makes jewellery for people of the black community, what kind of nonsense is this? How do you feel so comfortable saying this?
Fast forward to the present, and Jackson is still hanging out with Ben, and has even featured him in his up and coming solo music video!
Personally, I think it’s a respect thing. Culturally and morally. He’s an older man, and therefore he shows him respect; and who knows he may have done a lot for Jackson? Vice versa. We don’t know the ins and out of their friendship.
Buuuuuut! Someone who racially slurs your supporters and fans is someone that you don’t want to mix with. This will just make your fans and followers extremely angry. As we can see below:
But we also have nice positive wishes and comments too, which is nice!
I wonder what Jackson thinks of Ben Baller’s behaviour and comments? Do you think they had a conversation about it afterwards?
He’s jumped the gun before, and had a full on war via Twitter and Instagram with both G-Dragon and K-Pop fans a few years back, when G-Dragon was accused of black face.
Of course you want to defend your friends when they’re being persecuted, but fighting with people that are way younger than you, and are fans of your friends?

What are your thoughts on this?

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