Introducing South Club: The Korean Indie Band To Watch


With South Club’s European tour kicking off in London tonight, here’s a brief introduction to the band.The indie/rock band’s front man, composer, singer and songwriter is none other than ex YG Entertainment artist, Nam Taehyun 남태현.

Taehyun was previously a contestant of the YG idol survival programme “WIN: Who Is Next?” Which unveiled the two juxtaposed groups Winner 위너 and iKON. Nam Taehyun 남태현 went into be a successful member of Winner 위너, but left due to personal health problems.

Fast forward 2017, and here we have Taehyun 태현 looking all bad ass whilst singing and composing the music that he really loves.

South Club’s first album “90” was released in June 2007.

I’d have to say the spunky track “Dirty House” is my favourite! The lyrics speaks of a love and a person that can’t be changed. Taehyun 태현 sets the rules and lets that special someone know what’s what!

Its interesting to see how drastically Taehyun’s 태현의 appearance has changed, compared to his days as an idol. Tattoos, electric guitars and a new found attitude.

Personally I think that Taehyun 태현 has found himself, and evidentially feels liberated and more free! His love for Europe is evident in his music videos and his personal Instagram account; as he seems to spend a lot of time here!

His vocals are powerful and spunky, and this new sound definitely suits his voice!

If you’re looking for something mellow to listen to, then check out “Hug Me”; another track that can be found on the EP!

There are still tickets available for the show tonight at Underworld in Camden! So head over to BeatCraze’s website,  and grab them whilst you can!

Its about to be fire!






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