If Convicted Big Bang’s T.O.P Could Face 5 Years in Prison For The Use of Marijuana

In the west, weed is probably a drug that most people are desensitized to; and is known for recreational use. However in South Korea, and the rest of Asia, it is not tolerated at all.As you may be aware, T.O.P is in hot water for the use of marijuana. He denied the claims, but has now admitted that he did use the substance in his homes, three times. A female friend of his, (whom is also a K-Pop trainee), stated that she smoked the drug with him.


This trainee also has a string of drug related offences on her record. The police were tipped off in March, by whom we don’t know!

T.O.P  was given a mandatory hair follicle test, at the police facility that he was training at- the results came back as positive.

He was detained on 1st June, without being formally arrested; previously he denied the allegation and said :

“I only smoked electronic cigarettes and I didn’t know it was marijuana”


YG Entertainment released the following statement on 1st June:

“First and foremost, we would like to apologize.

After confirmation, we have learned that Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name) did in fact admit to the charge of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment, following through with all investigative measures by attending the police’s investigation in the midst of his public service duties and deeply reflecting on his actions afterward. 

Once again, we apologize for worrying so many people.”

It’s strange that G-Dragon and Park Bom skipped out on punishment or jail time, (during their drug scandals); and illegibly it was because of YG Entertainment’s past government connection; which of course no longer exist, due to Park Geun Hye’s impeachment.


The consequences of using Marijuana in South Korea, is five years of jail time or a fine of up to 50 million won ($44,560)


What are your thoughts on this?


Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan China


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