Honesty for Your Ears: “The sprinKle Podcast” – Coming Soon!

The Hallyu Wave can be an exciting, new and quite an experience BUT it’s missing something… a sprinkle of truth. Something that your favorite Hallyu YouTubers, K-pop Journalists and media outlets cannot completely “disclose”. Sometimes you just need that unfiltered truth or educated opinion in a wave based on fantasy and that’s us.

“The sprinKle Podcast” was created by its four hosts who come from all different backgrounds, locations, and perspectives in the Hallyu Wave and the world. Alejandro (Ale), Immy, Kaylee and Shari share many titles between them from YouTuber, Digital Journalist, Radio DJ and many more! Listen to our Podcast to where we talk once a month to bring some unpopular opinions to light and educate these self-proclaimed “K-pop fans”. We won’t be too harsh… just a sprinkle~



Alejandro or better known as AKA Alejandro is a K-pop YouTuber that covers a wide array of different aspects of Korean music: from song recommendations, underrated bangers to reactions, dance covers, and rants. He opens up a realistic space where he expresses himself and appeals to people by showing off the many different sides of being a true K-pop fan.

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Immy is a U.S. east coast girl who talks about the world she has never seen with an open heart. When not crying over the latest K-pop release she channels some of that energy into writing for Seoulwave and MACG Magazine She is a Social Media Coordinator for MACG Productions LLC and produces/hosts her own K-pop radio show called “Daebak K-pop with IMMY”

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Shari is a writer with a keen interest in all things HallyU. Born and bred in England, United Kingdom, she likes to look at things from a down-to-earth, truthful and behind the scenes view, and express them on her sole-owned website inSEOULuble. Having written for others in the past, she decided to go at it alone, and do things her way. She’s the queen of K-Pop GIF and memes, you’re most likely find her at the latest K-Music, K- Culture event/concert.

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Kaylee, more commonly known as DailyDoseofKaylee on MACGMagazine and the_lovely_kz  on Twitter, is the Marketing and Twitter Coordinator as well as a writer for MACGMagazine. You can find her both on her personal social media as well as MACGMagazine Twitter account, where she’s always looking for new fans to interact with and new memes.

Our team consists of people with a mixture of personalities and experience, so you know for sure that we have a lot to say. Sass is our middle name, and our individual exposure to this industry has definitely opened our eyes.

We want to say what you’re thinking, but are too afraid to vocalise because of backlash and potential Fan War uprising! We’re not here to down-talk any artist, actor/actress or fandom, it’s merely a realistic take and view on all things K!

We all know what’s really going on, so buckle your seatbelts, as liftoff commences on Tuesday 8th May! Episode 1 of The sprinKle Podcast will be available via the official Daebak K-Pop Immy YouTube channel, so subscribe to stay in the loop!

Until then, stay connected with us via our social media links above! What’s something you’d like to hear us talk about? Or perhaps there’s something you’d like to get off your chest?


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