Han Seo Hee Returns On Instragram Live and Slanders T.O.P

I’m sure by now we all know who she is. The trainee that was involved in Big Bang’s T.O.P’s drug scandal. You’d think she would stay quiet and humble after everything, but she took to Instagram live 2 days ago to “air out T.O.P’s dirty laundry.” In a sexual manner.Han Seo Hee 한서희 took to Instagram live and mentioned a number of things about herself, including that she will debuting next year, as the leader of a girl group.

Funnily enough the company that she claims to signed with (Maroo Entertainment), have denied any affiliation with her.

Now here’s where it gets sticky… She then started to speak about T.O.P in a personal way, in terms of the size of his manhood, and she said he’s “no bigger than a MAC lipstick.”

She’s said that she will take legal action against men that make sexually harassing allegations against her.

But is she not doing the same thing against T.O.P?

With previous charges, online slander, attention seeking and and time spent in prison, would a company really take her, and allow her to debut?

Of course VIP’s and T.O.P fans were not happy with this sudden attack.

Personally I think she wants her time in the limelight and to become well known, even if it’s for being infamous.

I think that If YG Entertainment don’t step in, and take legal action for slander, then she’ll definitely be back. Or maybe they’ll stay quiet? Because she’s probably expecting a reaction, right?

Source: Osen Naver News

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