Gucci… Wang? Gucci Mane and Jackson Wang Chilled In Hawaii!

Here are two artists that you wouldn’t expect to see together! Is a potential collaboration on the cards?

Both Gucci Mane and Jackson잭슨 posted this picture on their official Instagram accounts today, although I’m not sure how old the picture is, as Jackson is currently taking part in promotional activities with GOT7 갓세븐.

With the caption “Gucci Wang” under Jackson’s 잭슨의 post, it raises some questions.

As today (28th March) is Jackson’s 잭슨의 birthday, perhaps he wanted to drop the news/confuse everyone, on this significant day.

Or maybe he just felt like posting the picture.


Anywho, we’ll soon find out… or won’t, depending on the outcome.

If a collaboration went ahead, would you look forward to it?

Happy 24th Birthday Jackson잭슨!

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Harpers Bazaar Hong Kong

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