GOT7’s Yugyeom Shows Love For U.S Artist Tinashe. GOT7 Fans Freak Out!

Yugyeom is on a roll today! On the  4th May, Yugyeom 유겸 of GOT7 갓세븐 posted a photo of US artist Tinashe, to his Instagram account!

Yugyeom 유겸 isn’t the first K-Pop start to express themselves as a fan of the U.S star.


So why are GOT7 fans freaking out?

















































A mixture of comments, as we can see.

Yes, Tinashe IS black.

Yes, Tinashe is a woman that Yugyeom probably finds attractive.

No, Yugyeom isn’t going to marry you, anyway.

Lastly, he’s obviously a fan of her music.



Calm down guys…

This is REAL LIFE after all!


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