GOT7’s Jackson Wang Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Jackson Wang is being accused of racism and cultural appropriation, due to a hair style that he sported for a Pepsi China advert.

Let me just show you, what some people are going crazy over…





But wait, did his group member not dread his hair recently too?



And erm, let’s not forget Taeyang태양! Who has not only has worn faux dreads; but has braided his hair on many occasions.



How could we forget Bobby and Zico?

So it seems that people will pick and choose who they jump on. Many idols have done things such as black face, and their fans will defend them in a heart beat.

I’m glad that Jackson responded, and he actually put people in their place! Rather than:

“Oh nooooo. I’m so sorry. I will reflect on myself bla bla bla.”

Jackson ain’t playing no more!

But why didn’t you tag the girl that came at you? I would of…



“Haters gon’ hate!”


As we know, some fans/netizens can go too far…

Here are some comments and reactions, for your entertainment.


Clearly photoshopped!




People are upset that he didn’t apologise. Instead of using his manufactured K-Pop personality, he was real and spoke his mind. Maybe he should have kept quiet? But sometimes, enough is enough. He has to deal with netizens/fans on a daily basis.

Idols will put themselves in black face, and fans will run to their defence. A choice of hairstyle? This is stupid.

When you netizens have more receipts, come back with them.


Photo Credit:

Pepsi China

InStyle Korea


YG Entertainment 

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