G-Dragon’s London Show Isn’t Sold Out. And People Are STILL Trying to Re-Sell! Why?

It’s just over one week until the concert, and it still hasn’t sold out? AND everywhere I look, people are still desperately trying to sell their tickets. But why?G-Dragon should have easily been able to sell out Wembley stadium, but it seems that the prices are far too high!

Even myself as a big, big G-Dragon fan… I’m not going.

I always told myself that as I missed Big Bang’s ‘Alive Tour’ in 2012, that I’d 100% pay to see GD if he performed here.

So basically his tickets cost more than Big Bang did, collectively. And the best tickets are basically £300, it includes a group photo on stage – but GD won’t be in the picture.

Of course the packages come with various other things, and are ranked Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Even basic tickets with an “okay view” are over £100.

Neck breakers! Neck breaker tickets!

This advert just keeps popping up on Facebook and Twitter. I’d never imagined that they’d have to still be advertising at this point.

Of course the main reason may not be the price; but deep down I think it’s one of the main factors. But why are people re-selling? This is my main question.

What’s caused some of you to change your minds? I’m very shocked; firstly at the prices. And also the re-selling.

If I’m paying £300, I want a photo, something signed and the usual early entry stuff etc. I do not want a lanyard with GD’s name on it!

Maybe next time!

Are you going to any of the European dates? Are you re-selling?

2 thoughts on “G-Dragon’s London Show Isn’t Sold Out. And People Are STILL Trying to Re-Sell! Why?

  1. Not going for pretty much the same reason. I would need two tickets, and that’s half my months wages… gone!
    I can’t justify it. Not even for GD.

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