Fans Offended By Red Velvet’s Wendy’s Imitation of Black Women

All I can do is laugh at this point. This isn’t a drag, just merely an observation. The bottom line is, Wendy, you got played! There’s no English translation for this clip, and so, therefore, I don’t know the context. But as someone who has grown up and lived in both Canada and the United States, Wendy should know 150% better.

This isn’t the first time Wendy has been in the limelight for something like this. You shouldn’t have been dragged into this trap girl. Yes, she mimicked both black and white girls, but as I said, they targeted you as the “foreigner”, and you made a show of yourself. The spotlight is on you. This segment could have been included for press purposes, and you know what they say:

“All press is good press.”

But in this case, good for who? Certainly not Wendy.

We all know how inappropriate it is to make fun of or impersonate other races on television, in physical form and verbally; so before you acted, did nothing else cross your mind?

Korea is a homogenous country, but it seems like making fun of, mimicking, impersonating (whatever you want to call it) black people is just a normal as a stand-up comedian telling jokes.

Que the boring, generic apology.


But it’ll happen again anyway. So let’s not waste our energy acting shocked. This is beyond educating people; especially when this is a frequent occurrence, with apology after apology.


Let’s flip this around. Imagine if a black or white celebrity went on television and started impersonating Korean people, non-stop, all the time? Just as “a joke” that people need to stop getting “butthurt over.” Yes, these are some of the things I’ve seen people say via social media. People who are annoyed or offended, are “butthurt.”


Just check who you guys are spending your money on…


Photo credit: IBTimes Singapore


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