Fans From Around The World Pay Tribute to Kim Jonghyun After His Sudden Passing (Event Information)

Shawols around the world have come together (and are still planning events in their countries and cities as we speak), to honour and remember SHINee’s 샤이니 Kim Jonghyun 김종현. Although this is a shocking and emotional time, fans are coming together globally to pay homage to the fallen star who has touched many of our hearts.

Jonghyun 종현 was an exceptional creative icon, and his talents went beyond singing and dancing, as he was a highly-respected writer and producer for not only SHINee 샤이니- but many other artists. He cared for the rights and welfare of others, and his voice and poetic words were magical. He will not be forgotten.

Not only have SM Entertainment arranged a separate location for fans to pay their respects to Jonghyun 종현 in Seoul 서울, South Korea 대한민국; but a number of events have taken place in other countries. And there are still more to come!

American fans have placed pictures, candles, flowers and personal messages in Koreatown LA, at a K-Pop music store called  “Choice Music LA.”

The music store sent out the following tweet about the vigil:

If you’re in the UK and you want to pay your respects to Jonghyun, then you’re in luck! Two events have been arranged by British fans for the 23rd and 29th December. The first event will include messages and roses, and if you aren’t able to attend either then you can contact the hosts who will be more than happy to sign a message on your behalf.

On the 23rd, everyone will meet on Praed Street, London Paddington. The event on the 29th December consists of fans meeting in Green Park, London and will continue onto the South Korean Embassy where you may bring your gifts and messages along.

For further information check out the following links:

Official London Jonghyun Memorial Facebook Group

London Tribute Memorial (23rd December)

Jonghyun Memorial London (29th December)

Let’s not dwell on what’s happened, or why and who or what is to blame. Instead, let’s do what the K-Pop community does best – pull together and support each other regardless of the fandom! Who knows, there could be time for a meal afterward, and you might even make some new friends! 🙂

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