Fan Attaches Hidden Camera to His Glasses at GFRIEND Fan Meeting

It’s creepy enough having men old enough to be your dad as your fan, but who am I to judge? Having a hand-held camera that is visible, that’s fine. As long as you’ve gained permission from the person…But premeditated spying, and implementation of a hidden camera, is very creepy! I can’t say if this man was using this micro-cam to film the idols inappropriately or not; but in all honesty, why else would hide it?

The location of the camera itself, is extremely weird.

The fan signing took place on 31st March, in Seoul; and the members noticed the hidden camera, but did not say anything right away.

Take a look at the video below:



Source Music (GFRIEND’s agency) commented:

“The fan in question was caught on scene and was asked to leave with a warning. We confiscated the glasses with the hidden camera. From now on, the particular fan will not be allowed to attend any more fan sign events.”


The use of these hidden cameras is becoming infamously popular in Korea, and women are being filmed inappropriately, and not to their knowledge.

At this particular event, recording devices were prohibited.

If this fan’s hidden camera wasn’t noticed, who knows what he could have done with the footage?



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