European K.A.R.D 카드 fans, are you ready?! Europe is really being spoiled these days!

First we have MONSTA X in August, G-Dragon in late September, and now K.A.R.D 카드 during the first two weeks of September!

Can your pockets handle this?

It’s all so sudden, I don’t think I’m ready for such commitment!


And My Music Taste has done it again! We can’t fault them, as they really do pull through.

K.A.R.D 카드 is a shock to me; I mean they technically haven’t even debuted!

But then again, their style is very western, so they appeal a lot to fans outside of South Korea and the rest of Asia.

At first I was sceptical of the website, but then when I saw actual concerts happening in other continents, I became hopeful, and started “making” (as they call it); and requested for many of my favourite groups and artists to perform in my country.

Keep your eyes peeled around mid July, as this is when more information will be released.

To keep up to date, visit My Music Taste’s Official Facebook page.

So which city will you be seeing K.A.R.D 카드 in?


Photo Credit: My Music Taste

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