CoCo Avenue – The “First Black K-Pop Group”

African-American duo CoCo Avenue, are claiming to be the the very “first black K-Pop group.” We know that EXP are recently receiving a lot of flack, for being Non-Korean, and not Asian.

So what’s the difference this time? People are failing to realise that EXP are in fact a PHD Thesis project!

I’m all for girl power, and expressing yourself through music; but will netizens talk about cultural appropriation this time?


The duo are based in Los Angeles, and consist of Jenny Lyric and Jenna Rose. They were formally a six member group in 2012. The girls have a strong following, and accumulated this via their K-Pop covers, via YouTube.

Their first single ” Eottae” 어때 is now available to purchase on iTunes.

Take a look at the video below:




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