“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 1 – A Snappy Synopsis

So did you guys catch the tea? It was hot, but only a small amount was spilled! We wanted to give you a taste of our honest thoughts, opinions, and personalities. We’re just getting started, and here’s a small preview of what we had to say in episode 1 of “The sprinKle Podcast.”

"“The sprinKle Podcast”: Episode 1 – A Snappy Synopsis"

Honesty for Your Ears: “The sprinKle Podcast” – Coming Soon!

The Hallyu Wave can be an exciting, new and quite an experience BUT it’s missing something… a sprinkle of truth. Something that your favorite Hallyu YouTubers, K-pop Journalists and media outlets cannot completely “disclose”. Sometimes you just need that unfiltered truth or educated opinion in a wave based on fantasy and that’s us. “The sprinKle Podcast” was created by its four hosts who come from all different backgrounds, locations, and perspectives in the Hallyu Wave…

"Honesty for Your Ears: “The sprinKle Podcast” – Coming Soon!"

K-Pop Tattoos: The BTS Edition

We all have a favourite artist and/or group. Most of the time, multiple! So how do people usually show their passion and enthusiasm for their favourite idols? You buy merchandise of course! Albums, apparel and even glow sticks. But material things can only go so far; and we have found some dedicated fans that have expressed themselves in the form of tattoos.

"K-Pop Tattoos: The BTS Edition"