BET (Black Entertainment Television) Launches in South Korea

This is something that I didn’t expect, and it didn’t ever cross my mind. But I see this as highly positive! A platform where black people can be shown as themselves, showcasing their talents without being branded as something they’re not. This could be groundbreaking. BET launched their first channel in Asian territory on Tuesday 26th September. BET was originally know as Black Entertainment Television, and first launched in the USA, in 1980.

It was home to classic programmes such a “Soul Train.” It then moved to the UK (BET International) in 2008.

There is now a partnership between Viacom International Media Networks and SK Broadband. SK Broadband is the equivalent to SKY TV, Virgin Media TV and America’s TiVo; just to give you some context.

So it seems that programmes such as “Being Mary Jane”, “The Wendy Williams Show” “50 Central”, and “Face Value” will be shown. And of course the popular “BET Awards” and “Black Girls Rock” will be included.

Here’s where it gets interesting!

Local productions from South Korea will also be a part of the line Up.

This is great, it’s a step of familiarising Korean people with another race and ethnic community. But this can go one of two ways…

Everything will be dandy and fine, and the Korean youth and younger Korean generation can finally get access to content that interests the; in terms of American Hip-Hop and rap music.


So we all know about the cultural appropriation that goes on in Seoul; and it could lead to further controversy.

But! As the partnership with Viacom is a biding contract, I’m sure the Korean content that is produced for BET will be very appropriate.

But this doesn’t stop other companies on the outside of the company (SK Broadband), from acting without thinking.

It could lead to more comedic sketches and dramatisations, of how black people are perceived.

Let’s just hope that it goes well!

What do you think about this?

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